Is Your Fish Oil Ocean Wise™ Recommended?

Discover ways to promote ocean conservation.

Sustainably caught Wholemega® supports a healthy you and a healthy ocean. In fact, New Chapter®’s Wholemega is the only fish oil recommended by Ocean Wise™, the Vancouver Aquarium’s seafood sustainability program. Your purchase of Wholemega affirms your commitment to ocean-friendly seafood!

About Ocean Wise

The Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise program is a seafood sustainability initiative committed to educating and empowering consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood. The Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item is the Vancouver Aquarium’s assurance of an oceanfriendly seafood choice. Ocean Wise helps you make smart choices that ensure the health of our oceans for generations to come.

Please join New Chapter in supporting Ocean Wise, with a clear mission to promote ocean conservation through sustainable fisheries.

  • Donate to Ocean Wise through the Vancouver Aquarium.
  • Download the Ocean Wise iPhone app to help you make smart choices.
  • Subscribe to Ocean Wise community newsletters.
  • Choose ocean-friendly seafood to help make a difference together!

Why Sustainable Seafood?

Overfishing is placing an incredible strain on the world’s resources and the health of our oceans. It’s one of our main global sustainability problems. Experts are studying this tragic situation and how it can be corrected. One step we can each take is to pay close attention to making sustainable and eco-friendly seafood choices. If everyone chose sustainably caught seafood for their eating and nutritional needs, we could make a big difference together.

To be recommended by Ocean Wise, a seafood product must meet four criteria:

  1. Abundant & resilient species that respond well to fishing pressures
  2. Well-managed fisheries with a clear plan based on current research
  3. Limited by-catch with minimal harvest of unintended species
  4. Limited habitat damage—fishing practices must have minimal environmental impact

Making a Difference Together

Ocean Wise’s partnership with New Chapter is uniquely important because it extends the reach of ocean-friendly seafood choices to health products. The oil used in New Chapter’s Wholemega is sustainably sourced from the trimmings of wild salmon that are already caught for food consumption and other purposes. This eliminates the need to catch additional salmon to produce the oil, which is derived from valuable unused parts of the fish. In addition, Wholemega is 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon from well-managed fisheries cited as worldwide models of sustainability.

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We know that leading a healthy lifestyle involves dedication to proper nutrition, sleep, checkups, exercise, and more. But life can be busy and stressful, and it’s hard to make healthy choices consistently. Wholemega can help. We make it easy to get your good fats from fish every day. A serving of    Wholemega each day for a week gives the equivalent Omegas of three servings of salmon, which is just what experts recommend.

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